Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I think I might have actually got another picture loaded!!! Yea!! If this works, I will try more later.

Last night, Alice stayed up until about 10:45. She just wouldn't settle down and kept giving me that goofy smile to try to make me laugh and play instead of sleep. I finally got her to stay down in her crib and she sat up in the corner and ended up falling asleep sitting up. I thought it was really cute, but then she ended up doing the same thing today and it made me sad because I realized that this was probably the way she fell asleep a lot in the orphanage. Today she also showed me that she could climb out of the crib. I was laying on the bed next to the crib with my eyes closed and the next thing I knew, she was standing on the the bed looking down at me -- quiet as a mouse getting out of the crib! These cribs are much smaller than ours probably the size of a pack and play, but made out of wood. I've asked to see if I can get a bigger one.

This morning we went to the Guangzhou Zoo. We saw the giant panda -- he was cute as well as all the typical zoo animals. This was one of the first times that most of us noticed other people really looking at us with our babies. On the island it is totally expected, but I guess there were so few of us out today that we were interesting to look at.

We ate lunch at a Latin buffet restaurant. Probably more the chinese version of latin food, but it was still good.

Alice and I just came back to the room this afternoon and that is when we began our napping adventure. I woke her up around 5 and we went to dinner at Lucy's -- the american bar and grill down the street. I think we have a regular table there! Alice is still eating really well. Last night she ate an entire grilled cheese sandwich. She will eat lots of fruits and veggies so if I can keep her going maybe she will have a more well-rounded diet than her brothers.

We have been hearing rumors around that some agencies with Guangdong babies are not having to stay for the extended stay....needless to say that is not making our group very happy we would be headed home in a few days. At least we are at a nice place so that the stay is comfortable, plus I am in very good company!

Let's see if I can get some more pictures out there!


Christina said...

She's so cute! Glad to hear she's eating well. Thanks for keeping all of us in the loop with your great entries, Cheryl. Best to you--Christina

Anonymous said...

We are enjoying reading your enterties each day! However, time seems to be going at a snails pace - we can't wait for you to get home!

The Kec's