Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another day!

Unfortunately, the days are starting to run together now! I think yesterday we went to another temple and to a big auditorium that was built by a man that promoted chinese democracy. The temple was like the other that we visited except this one was called Tauism (??) and the other was buddist -- not really sure of the difference -- they both had buddas and lots of incense for prayers. Our guides say this weekend we will take our babies to a christian church so they are getting good coverage by all.

Today, a family watched Alice so I could go to the gym and run. It was good and they said I could do that again so I will see if I can do that every other day or so.

After that it was off to get Alice's picture for her Visa and then to get her "medical exam". This was a simple exam of taking her weight, height and temp and then going to another little room where the dr. checked her heart and looked over her skin and body for visible signs of defects and then off to the ear, nose and throat lady who proved to be quite scary for most kids. It was a lady with a mask and the old headband circle thing to look through. The hearing test consisted of her squeaking a toy on the side of one ear and then hitting a toy instrument/piano on the side of the other ear and seeing if she turned. She did this several times and then stood behind her and did the same thing. Then she looked in her mouth and ears -- not with the instruments we are used to, but just with her eyes. I don't know if she ever even looked in her nose.

Anyway, all indications from this are that Baby Alice is healthy and weighs in at 21 pounds -- of course they don't remove diapers or clothes for these measurement like we do so she may be closer to 20 pounds. I didn't catch her height because they said it in metrics and my brain didn't work that fast to figure it out. The Weilers posted some pictures of their baby's exam if you want to revisit that site to see what the clinic looked like.

In the afternoon, a few of us headed back over to the local foot massage parlor -- if I could fit these people in my suitcase, I would do so and not bring anything else back home!

Alice and I ate leftovers in the room for dinner and then visited a friend that came in from another province. And now after a day of no napping, Alice is finally falling asleep!!! She just doesn't want to miss anything!

Tomorrow, they are heading to a mall and IKEA. I don't think that I want to go and will probably just take my time in the morning getting up and then hang around the island.


Ralph said...

Cheryl, I know you're anxious to come home soon, but try to enjoy your alone time with Alice. I can't wait to meet her.

Christina M. said...

Hang in there--you'll be home in no time. Thanks for the great updates! Christina