Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weekend Camping!

We decided to head off to Roosevelt Lake for a night this weekend. We packed up and left from Sammy's baseball game where he hit 4 for 4. The lake was beautiful and the water was about 80ish or so. Archie went waterskiing again and got up and went a couple of times. It was great -- I'll try to put some of the video out soon. It was a group effort -- Kurt was helping Archie in the water, I was driving, Sammy was filming and Alice was the flag girl. Alice took her turn tubing with Daddy -- hanging on and pretty fearless. Sammy loved jumping in the water and having Daddy pull him back in on the rope. Kurt worked on his jumps on the wakeboard and Mommy just practiced her driving -- only ran into one boat this time -- no worries, it was at the dock.

P.S. -- Murray is a mascot from Archie's class and it was Archie's turn to bring him home for a visit. No one else had taken Murray camping or on a boat before so Archie was pretty psyched about that.


Diana said...

Funny how our lives are parallel at times. Loved seeing pictures from your camping weekend.

Anonymous said...

Alice: Real Girls love pink and you look so good in it too!!!

Archie: Just what is a Delta Gamma Man??? I really need to know.

Sammy: Are you going to be going to Ohio State?

Anonymous said...

the first anonymous is me: Gram

Can't remember my password!