Sunday, June 29, 2008


I've decided after my 2 1/2 year hiatus that I would finally start to post to the blog again. This week marked the 2 year anniversary of us receiving our referral for Alice. It kind of snuck up on us and I have been pretty reminiscent this week. So interesting to look back and read how I felt over those few months.

Anyway, my vow is to try to update this once a week with a photo or two for anyone that is interested in coming to visit. So please bookmark us and hold me to my word!! :=)


Diana (and Ava) said...

Yay- I love seeing pictures and keeping up with what the girls are doing these days. Your family is adorable! I can't believe how much Alice has changed.

Kristine said...

So glad to see you back on the blogging world! I've been having fun with mine this year. Enjoy!

Love the pics you just posted :-)