Friday, June 23, 2006

The Stork is on his way!

We are anxiously waiting for Monday to come!! We found out yesterday that the Stork is on his way for us and we should finally find out who baby Alice really is!! We have waited for about a year from sending our paperwork in -- June 28th, 2005 and a tad bit longer from when we actually signed our contract -- late January 2005. It was longer than we anticipated, but we tried to keep ourselves busy with Archie and Sam which wasn't very hard!

I will post our information on Monday as soon as Kurt has had a chance to see it! He will be travelling to Oregon so I will have to reach him before I can share our news with everyone else!

See you Monday!


Laurie & Roberto said...

We are very excited for the Spindlers!
Roberto and I can't wait to meet our new neice.

UncleJim said...

Nor can Uncle Jim! It is an exciting time here as well. We have a new pup to replace Ki who passed away after 15 years with us. She is the same type aswe had before an Australian Terrier. Her name is Kaylee and weight 4.5 pounds at the vet yesterday!

Uncle Jim

Bill and Deana said...

We can't wait for Monday! Reagan says "Can we see Baby Alice?". Gabby says "Aaahhhhiii!". We are so excited for you all.

Thanks for setting this up. It will be a great way to follow your journey. Plus it introduces some of us technology challenged people to some new tools!!